Finding Linux-able hardware information

by Uche Ogbuji

First of all, I follow, which posts news and article links related to Linux hardware. It's a Slashdot-like site, and you may also consider
Slashdot's Linux section, although there is a lot more noise there (often very entertaining noise, to be fair). is a complementary site, essentially a search engine for external resources relating to Linux/hardware issues.

It's always worth referring to the Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO. It's not as rapidly updated as more specialized resources, but it's still a good bedrock resource for finding and working with Linux-friendly hardware.

Laptop users have an especially useful resource: Linux on Laptops. This is a compendium of user-submitted HOWTOs for a specific Laptop model and Linux distribution.

Also of use is the Linux tested site, which includes nice charts organized by hardware category and distribution, and
Linux Online's list of Linux-friendly harware vendors.

Of peripheral (no pun intended) interest is, which covers the amazingly rich world of embedded Linux. It offers news on embedded Linux phones, PDAs, digital cameras and camcorders, routers, and more. It also has news and resources for embedded Linux developers.

What are your favorite Linux hardware resources?


2005-01-30 23:07:15
More sites
- If you are buying server hardware, the best place to look for is the vendor website ( eg: )

- You can also ask around on LUG mailing lists

- Another site I use frequently:

- Werner Heuser's is also very useful esp. for mobile devices