Finding the Valley

by Giles Turnbull

Months after I bought and downloaded it, this weekend I finally sat down to watch In Search of the Valley, a documentary film by three British geeks who travelled to California to discover the soul of Silicon Valley.

The hour-long film includes some classic interviews with many famous names, most remarkably Jef Raskin, who spoke to the film crew not long before his death. It’s full of insights into Valley culture, presented with a particularly British slant and tongue defiantly in cheek. The final credits, during which Marc Canter sings an outrageous (but hilarious) blues songs about venture capitalism, is worth paying the money for alone.

There’s also plenty in this film for Mac users and enthusiasts to enjoy, not least the many opinions of, and stories about, Steve Jobs and the way he deals with people.

For more details about the evolution and production of the film, read director Steve O’Hear’s interview at Read/Write Web. You can buy a DRM-free copy of In Search of the Valley online for just eight bucks (that’s four of your Earth pounds), and in my opinion that’s excellent value for money.


2007-05-22 04:35:32
Hey Giles,

Thanks for such a great review, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie.

- Steve