Firefox 0.9.x gets SessionSaver again

by Uche Ogbuji

In an earlier entry I mentioned the fact the SessionSaver extension does not work with Firefox 0.9.x, and I posted some quick-hack code to restore a sessionby brute force. I've learned via
"ieremiou " on MozillaZine that a version of SessionSaver packaged for 0.9.x is now
available, thanks to the efforts of Samir Boulema. I've tried it. It works. I'm relieved. I owe Boulema (as well as original authors "pike" and "rue") a drink. SessionSaver was the development that finally made it possible for me to ditch Galeon for Firefox. Now if someone were to get Tabbrowser Extensions working reliably with 0.9.x, and alongside SessionSaver, I'd be happy as a lark.

What are your favorite Firefox extensions that you wish worked with 0.9.x?