Firefox Beats IE7

by Preston Gralla

I've been using beta of Internet Explorer 7 for the last few weeks, and although it's a big improvement over the existing version of IE, I'm still sticking with Firefox.


2006-05-17 15:46:03
Opera does many of the things you mentioned, by default. There's only two things missing from Opera right now, Adblock and Turbo Download, that you can only get in FF.

Opera does have some Javascript plugins (don't recall what they're called offhand) that can do many of the same things as FF plugins. But they aren't that critical to my surfing experience so I only use FF when necessary.

2006-05-17 18:38:43
Extensions is probably the only legitimate argument to use Firefox. Since the rest are all Myths:
2006-05-18 01:21:20
For cool tab images use ReggieB
2006-05-18 01:21:33
Extensions are what make Firefox so good to use. However, I think you miss the point. If it wasn't for the extensions, the obvious alternative is Opera. Who would use IE if it wasn't for the Microsoft name, the fact it is bundled with MS Operating Systems, and that there are still poorly built sites out there that only work with IE.
2006-05-18 05:57:55
you can preview our tabs using firefox showcase extension, huh
2006-05-18 06:45:24
Folks, I recommend the Avant browser if you want tabs (and a number of other features I see but haven't explored.) It is so nice to flip between windows with Ctl-Tab. I have it on the quick launch bar.

I use Firefox 95% of the time but use Avant if I want to check IE compatibility, or need to browse a site that requires IE as the Avant browser is built on the IE engine.

2006-05-19 00:20:07
can u extend IE7 with XAML?
2006-05-23 04:34:15
I agree, but the reason I stopped using Firefox is that Opera has functionality like those you listed in extensions, built-in. We should be able to take for granted that our tabs will work as desired without having to download Tabbrowser Preferences extensions, mouse gestures and adblock without extensions, and control over JavaScript and such without having to download and restart the browser. Saving and auto-recreating browser sessions have been part of Opera for years. I could go on about it having the lowest memory footprint or built-in mail, RSS and IRC features but you should at least try it for yourself and see what you think.
2006-09-22 07:44:11
I think one source of confusion is if you are using extensions for typical or atypical tasks. Firefox has extensions to work with biological databases, scientific servers, etc. These sort of low demand extensions will never be built into a browser, but can be very effective if you are working in these areas.

2006-12-12 01:17:02
To all the Opera fans here: I've used it many times, and I still prefer Firefox. The interface suits me better. And as to the entire page-loading myth, try the "speed up Firefox" websites. That paint delay goes a long way to speeding up FF to make it noticeably faster in my experience than ANY other browser.
2006-12-15 06:45:22
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