Firefox is sweet

by William Grosso

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There are very few blogs I read regularly (life being short and alla that). Don Park's blog is one of them.

He posted a note on firefox, I decided to check it out, and wow it feels good.

It's as nice as any browser I've ever seen. And, deep in the back of my mind is a very real sense of relief: I won't get hit by the IE vulnerability du jour (whatever it happens to be today).

What do you think? Good enough to switch?


2004-02-13 04:24:15
Good enough... for a long time now.
In our company we do web development for the government sector, so standards compliance is a bigger issue for us than most; its made it easy for us to stick to using the Moz family all the time. Every time I switch back to IE for testing, it feels like going back to a 16 bit win 3.1 app did on '95 and '98 - clunky.

The focus of IE vs Moz is interesting: IE has added features for the web developer (creating a rich user interface by extending html), where Moz has added features for the end user (type-ahead find, tabbed browsing, popup blocking, search via google not msn).

There's a point here. MS are not selling IE, they are selling servers that IE talks to, and helping their devs create the best experience for thin clients of MS servers (see, e.g. IE's NTLM auth, the IE-IIS TCP hack, etc - there is a clear 'MS-only intranet' focus).

Moz on the other hand is purely about an improved browsing experience, with no tie to the server. So Moz (especially Firefox) has become a better browser for the home user than IE.


2004-02-13 12:39:13
Good enough... for a long time now.
Well, maybe it has been good enough for a while. I don't check in with a lot of the latests builds.

But I will say that I downloaded newsmonster not so long ago, and the version of Mozilla it installed was not as nice as IE.

Firefox is. And, in a test of a full week of web-surfing, it worked fine. All the web-sites I visit on a regular basis (and there are some funky ones in the bunch) just work.

2004-02-20 09:18:36
Bashing IE
I also use Firefox but for some people it is more like a reason to bash Microsoft and IE rather than actually a better browser. Firefox is definitely better for many number of tasks, primarily browsing the web. The software is still not there yet, but I haven't had any particular problem so far, so I think anybody can jump to it.