[APP|Firefox] Atomic : Firefox Extension for Browser-based APP Support

by M. David Peterson

via a recent message I found flashing in a GoogleTalk window on my desktop,

have alook :D
APP extension for Firefox

via this same link,


Atomic is an Atom protocol client implemented firefox extension. It can communicate with any number of different Atom protocol servers that support introspection.

Sweet! Nice way to start my development day as this is the one piece of my own APP implementation that I haven't had time to do any work on. Looks like (at least for now) I don't have to. Nice! Thanks for the link, Sylvain!


Sylvain Hellegouarch
2006-09-14 00:21:17
It is a very interesting extension indeed. It has a couple of issues and will need some polishing (mainly an upgrade to the new APP draft) but it is quite promising I must say. I've tried against my own little APP implementation and it didn't perform badly.