First Holland Open Software Conference

by Kevin Shockey

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When I was at the Open Source Business Conference last month I met some great people. One of them was Leon Gommans from Rotterdam CS, an experienced entrepreneur and open source business owner. He told me about a conference in Amsterdam, Holland Open, which he was helping out with. Due to a prior commitment I was unable to take up his invitation to attend, but now that the speaker list is available I'm kicking myself for missing this conference. You'll be kicking yourself too if you have a chance to attend and pass up on this opportunity.

On May 30, May 31, June 1, the Holland Open Software Conference offers a wide variety of keynote speeches featuring the biggest and some of the best names available. Just some of the presenters include: James Baty, Vice-President and CTO of Sun Microsystems, Scott Handy Vice- President at IBM, specializing in Linux solutions, and Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, founder of Wikipedia. The conference also features a broad set of session tracks that cover topics from software patents to Open Government.

The conference aims to show that professional open solutions are widely available and that more and more organizations and businesses are deliberately choosing open alternatives. So if your trying to determine if you can migrate to open solutions, or how governments can take electronic citizen services serious, or what is available for open e-learning systems, then the Holland Open Source Conference is for you.

Planning on attending the Holland Open?