First Impressions

by Jason Deraleau

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There's a great article over at SF Gate today. Mark Morford writes about Apple's product packaging and the attention to detail that makes opening a new Apple gadget more fun than Christmas morning. I agree wholeheartedly with the article. Apple's products are not only a pleasure to look at, but a pleasure to use and to unwrap.

I still remember how impressed I was with the packaging of my first Mac, a 12" dual USB iBook. From the clean design of the box to the thoughtful organization of its innards, I fell in love at first sight. I still get a little giddy now and then, like when I bought my first (and subsequent) iPod. Buying my iSight is another great example.

I've an analogy for Apple's product packaging. It's like fine cuisine; the presentation is as important as the real substance. With Apple, I've never been disappointed with either.

Were you impressed the first time you opened a new Apple product? Why or why not?


2003-10-01 13:21:42
Amen, Brother
I was wondering if I was the only one that thought that. I too had my first experience with Apple packaging unveiling my iBook 12 in. 800. Then I was astounded too find they gave the iPod the same treatment. You've got me on the iSight though. Have to get one of those soon though. To further torment my MCSE friend.
2003-10-01 13:42:55
Amen Brother 2
I keep my old apple boxes.

When is the last time someone kept a Dell box other then to hold something at a later date?

2003-10-01 18:56:23
PBG4 15" 1.25 GHz
Just unpacked mine yesterday, loved every seconds of it.

Having used an iMac and iBook, this PowerBook is the best - fast, quiet, simply beautiful. The illuminated keyboard works like magic.

2003-10-02 11:47:07
mac madness!
Good grief! I think we're all quite mad.

I too still have the box for my 12 inch iBook that I bought well over a year ago.

Is there some kind of pill I take or will it require the attention of a professional therapist?

2003-10-03 08:35:02
Agree 100%
I've opened my share of macs, 4 in total and IT was a joy, EVERY time.

Oh the joy... Can't wait till I have that chance to get an iBook or something so that I can relive the joy, again.

2003-10-10 10:42:25
mac madness!
I know the feeling...I still have the box from my 1999 G3 Powerbook.

The packaging and presentation are great yes, but equally cool is the fact that these boxes are STURDY and eminently re-usable (I keep cables and other spare computer stuff in it). And with the Laptops, have a handle to boot!