First Official Beta of Opera 9.0 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

Widgets, BitTorrent, content blocking: Introducing Opera 9 Beta

Widgets, BitTorrent, content blocking: Introducing Opera 9 Beta
Oslo, Norway - April 20, 2006

Opera Software today announced the first public Beta of Opera 9. This version includes Widgets, small Web programs running in their own windows that are fun, easy-to-use and live on users' desktops. The Opera 9 Beta also features support for BitTorrent, a popular file downloading technology, in addition to an easy-to-use content blocker and thumbnail previews of tabbed sites.

I didn't used to be, but I'm now a BIG FAN of Opera. Similar to Fx (my other favorite browser ;) Opera run's across
ALL major platforms and does so REALLY well. The widget engine flat out rocks, there's a vast community of skin developers and as such available skins to choose from (which doesn't require a restart of the browser to take hold... very nice for sampling new skins on the fly without the need for Yet Another Sequence of Menu Clicks to go back to your previous skin if it turns out you dislike the chosen skin), there's support for XML processing via XSLT and XPath (1.0), a kick-butt built-in communication engine (similar to Mozilla's SeaMonkey, but better), etc... etc... etc..

If you haven't already, this is VERY worth your time to check out....