First Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC out the gate? Dell Axim X51v

by Todd Ogasawara

Looks like Dell is the first one out the gate with a shipping Pocket PC running the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 platform.

Dell Axim X51v

After reading through the specifications, I don't see any hardware changes relative to the previous X50v model.
That said, the X50v had/has great hardware specs including 64MB RAM, 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth 1.x, 640x480 VGA display, and both CompactFlash (CF) and SD slots.
So, the only real change is the underlying Windows Mobile (formerlly Windows CE) platform (now 5.0).

I sure hope Dell fixed a number of bugs that seemed unique to their X50 models. The problems I found on the older models running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition were:

  • Most hardware buttons could not be assigned to Microsoft Windows Media functions to customize audio/video playback control.
  • Microsoft Pocket Word does not consistently refresh the screen correctly leaving an unreadable mess at the bottom of the screen.
  • Microsoft Pocket Excel does not refresh the screen properly leaving cell borders with extraneous lines and changing the column widths unexpectedly (these changes are not permanent, btw... Just a refresh issue).
  • WiFi access with 128-bit WEP is a bit flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Thanks to my long time friend (and author of several editions of How to Do Everything With your Pocket PC which I had the privilege of helping out on as Technical Editor)
Frank McPherson for letting me know about the X51v availability.

Got a Dell X51v Pocket PC or some other PPC running Windows Mobile 5.0? Let us know.


2005-09-20 13:02:14
Older Models?
I have an Axim X30. Will it be upgradable? No information I can find so far indicates it will.


2005-09-21 01:30:54
Older Models?
I don't think there is an upgrade path to WM5 for the Dell X30. The general rule of thumb is "one upgrade per model". So, for example, I was able to upgrade my Dell X5 from 2002 to 2003, the X30 had an upgrade from 2003 to 2003 2nd Edition, and the X50 will have an upgrade from 2003 2nd Edition to Windows Mobile 5. At least Dell is providing one upgrade. My HP iPAQ 2215 came with 2003 and stayed there. HP never provided an upgrade path to 2003 2nd Edition.
2005-10-01 14:53:24
Can I upgrade my Dell Axin X5 to Microsoft windows mobile 5 ?
Can I upgrade my Dell Axin X5 to Microsoft windows mobile 5 ?
I simply want my data even if the battery out...
2005-10-01 16:24:46
Can I upgrade my Dell Axin X5 to Microsoft windows mobile 5 ?
Can I upgrade my Dell Axin X5 to Microsoft windows mobile 5 ?
2005-10-01 17:39:04
Can I upgrade my Dell Axin X5 to Microsoft windows mobile 5 ?
As I said in my reply to a previous message with a similar question, my understanding is that Dell has said that it will provide a Windows Mobile 5 upgrade for the X50/X50v and not older models.
Jason Brunette
2006-03-31 12:04:54
I have the Axim X51v with PPC 5.0.

Here is my battle test results:

- Wifi with WEP is buggy sometimes. Seems like interference or 802.11b related issues, - some routers don't talk well with 802.11b, especially if its a wireless -G router that claims to be backwards compatible . ..

- Still can't sync with a Mac - Pocketmac isn't 5.0 ready yet.

- Bluetooth doesn't seem to have any 'services' available to offer the other device ? (?)

- Nintendo Emulator for GameBoy Advance is very buggy. Most games are playable (Is this legal?, ah, who cares anyhow . . )

- It can handle a drop from 15 ft in the air onto a concrete floor. It bounces and sometimes shuts down, but will reboot. ( I actually did this 4 times in a row to prove my point .. )

All else is a go. I'm quite impressed. Flash Player smokes! I can play flash files with embedded code and remote connectivity. Lots of potential fun . . .. . . Just develop your own apps in Flash for what you want or need . . .

BTW: the difference between the x51v and the x51 is that the 'v' model has VGA support to external monitor with higher resolutions.

Somebody help me sync up my Mac with the Axim, or help me tweak out my iPod to install PocketPC 5.0 !