First Working Draft of the XML Binary Characterization Use Cases

by Robin Berjon

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The first public Working Draft of the XML Binary Characterization Use Cases has been published. It's not complete as a number of use cases still need to be written, and there is still some editorial work to be done on the existing ones, but it's the first taste of what you'll get from this working group, and your first chance to provide feedback.

As you may know, the task of the XML Binary Characterization WG (or XBC WG for friends and family) is to gather information that will help determine the nature of [the] use cases [for binary XML], characterizing the properties that XML provides as well as those that are required by the use cases, and establishing objective, shared measurements to help judge whether XML 1.x and alternate (binary) encodings provide the required properties.

This is to be a short-lived WG that will not produce Recommendations (but rather just WG Notes indicating its findings), so if you have feedback to provide you only have until circa the end of next March to give it. After that, either the WG will have failed in providing answers in time, or it will form an opinion on whether the W3C should produce a standard in that area or not. So give it now! Even if it's just the first document in a series and it isn't yet complete, there is already meat to comment on. We await your feedback with expectant impatience ;)

Do you think that the XBC WG is just a bunch of crack-smoking geeks? Or, irrespective of whether you think binary XML should exist, do you find their work useful?