Fitness for Porpoises

by Rick Jelliffe

Sydney fashion designer Nick Carr prompted this interesting (er, to me anyway) legal analogy for schema languages: well-formedness and grammars, such as XSD, DTD or RELAX NG, relate to a document's merchantable quality, while Schematron relates more to a document's fitness for purpose. *

I guess this fits into the idea that as XML design matures and moves away from ad hoc management and towards XML governance, validation practices will move from being "what is the minimum we can do to cobble together something that works" to "how can I measure my documents to prove that they align with business requirements?"

I'll be giving a half day tutorial on Methods for XML Governance and a related 40 minute presentation XML Governance and Publishing in Sydney at the Open Publish conference in late July. I'm told the tutorial session has had more bookings than the other tutorials, so interested people probably should book ASAP.