Five $en(ten)¢e$ Worth of Wi$dom for a Ni¢kel$ Worth of $en$e

by M. David Peterson

Hey, I didn't come up with the pricing structure. But no matter the price; I'm paying.

The reality, however, is that the the cost, in terms of $'s and ¢'s has no direct relationship to any of this. At least as far as I'm concerned. It seems to me you simply can not purchase this kind of wisdom in exchange for anything other than your time and willingness to dig deep down inside of your [($oul, $elf) where $ == the worth you place upon your (soul, self)], to gain real in-site into what it truly means to value ones own worth. (note: there's a reason for the boolean comparison)

I'll let you guess who wrote the following, and then provide you with a link in which those in whom truly seek, can discover how life can really be valued when you take away the $'s and ¢'s and simply see life for what it truly can be, should be, and for some folks, is.

Give it to the girl at the door so she can put it in an offshore bank account for later application to your first son's bail when he gets a driver's license.

The long tail isn't a statistical curve; it is a tool. If you hook up to it in a 'gain sensitive' spot, you can have a lot of influence and almost complete anonymity. You just have to accept that the idea if unsuccessful will be tried again later and if successful, that you get none of the credit. On the other hand, if you invest that nickel well, you will get many happy returns and none of your poor relatives will be wiser.


James Holderness
2006-04-28 23:57:39
I just noticed that this entry has utf-8 encoding issues in the Atom feed. In the title the cent symbol is double encoded (it should be a two byte sequence, but it is double encoded into four bytes). In the content it appears as two numeric entities which results in essentially the same problem.
M. David Peterson
2006-04-30 05:18:29
Hey James,

Thanks for this! I think this may have been my own fault, as given its a non-standard character on a U.S. keyboard (which always seemed weird to me, but I'm sure somebody somewhere feels there's a good reason for this) I pulled the character from the Character Map utility. Looks like I may have pulled it from the UTF-16 instead of the UTF-8 map without realizing it.

I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Thanks again :)