Five things I noted from Apple's Financial conference call

by Erica Sadun

1. iPhone looks like it will ship on time.

2. Apple hinted that supplies may be initially limited, saying that iPhone availability will depend on initial demand.

3. In January, Apple suggested that revenues would be down now that the holiday season had passed--and they were not.

4. Europe will get the iPhone in Q4 this year

5. I'd love to see Apple's definition of "incredible", particularly in regards to Apple TV's "incredible reviews". Most of the reviews I've seen so far have been mildly positive to quite negative.


2007-04-26 14:52:39
> Apple hinted that supplies may be initially limited, saying that iPhone availability will depend on initial demand.

Eh? If they scale availability with initial demand, they'll be making lots and lots.

Gregory Clarke
2007-04-26 16:49:31
Definition of "incredible"
1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible: incredible speed.
2. not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: The plot of the book is incredible.

Maybe Steve was referring to the second definition? I've read many reviews that are not credible.

2007-04-26 19:08:37
I haven't followed the Apple TV too much (no HD TV and most of my video is xvid), but all the reviews I read were positive. Not incredible certainly, but there seemed to be a consensus that it was very good at doing what it did, if that was what you were looking for.

I myself am looking forward to what the platform will become in a few years, but the first gen is only mildly interesting.

2007-04-26 20:26:35
Yeah, Erica, I am not sure what reviews you're reading on the ATV. I read a lot of main stream reviews, some Mac media reviews and some middle of the road tech trade reviews. Though not all of them were positive, they were for the most part good reviews. It's true that even the good reviews had wish lists (especially around iTunes HD content, buying from iTunes, video codecs supported off the shlef, the useless USB port...and some others), but most also noted that it was especially good for a 1.0 release. Now, I am not counting the totally negative reviewers obviously, many of which came out of the PC media center camp and Xbox camp, and also the videophiles. I think overall though almost everything I read was positive. The worse reviewers (outside of the PC MC/xBox crowd) didn't seem to understand the purpose of the device or who it was intended for. I thought I wanted another Mini for my media center, but I took a chance with the ATV, and it rocks.
Erica Sadun
2007-04-26 20:28:45
Sorry Paul. I just haven't read any glowing reviews that seem to adore the Apple TV. (I do but then I'm a freakish hacker girl.) I've read consistently positive but mild reviews and a few extremely harsh negative ones. If you can point me to a love fest or three, I'd love to check 'em out.
R Hollings
2007-04-26 21:32:47
Well, the point is that "incredible" is subjective. They're not wrong, and neither are you. It's all a matter of perspective; and you are a freakish hacker girl.
Erica Sadun
2007-04-26 21:34:06
That I am, R. Hollings.
2007-04-27 05:47:57
I don't understand who they are selling this too if not hackers and geeks. Unhacked the box is useless. I wonder how many people can dedicate one computer to runnig iTunes all the time under the same user account. I you could run iTunes as a background server and forget about it, then it would be one thing, but anything that is part of an interactive environment is subject to failue. For that reason most of my freinds say they are not buying because it doesn't pass what they would consider the "wife test". Ofcourse I wonder what Erica's husband's wife test would be, a 777 cockpit?
Erica Sadun
2007-04-27 07:31:23
Apple TV passed our "kid test". On the other hand, my children like to play with strange toys. Like "Baby Remote", as shown here:


2007-04-27 10:22:50
When I sit down to watch tv, I want turn on it on and if something is on the dvr I watch it or surf the channel. The idea that when I come home from work, I have to go upstairs to make sure taht iTunes is running and my daugther has logged me out or had to reboot my machine, just takes away from the low intensity workflow that we currently have. This add perhaps another dimension may two to the whole interaction.
2007-04-27 14:21:38
AK needs to go back and learn how the Apple TV actually works instead of just spouting off.

iTunes does not have to be running to use Apple TV - that's why the box has a hard drive: it syncs stuff to the hard drive.

Erica Sadun
2007-04-27 15:49:37
Xeroply, that's kind of harsh. I appreciate AK's input.