Fixing Fat Finger Mistakes

by Charlie Miller

I recently rediscovered a useful feature of Aperture that slipped my mind a long time ago: the Edit AutoFill List menu command. A few months ago, I imported a bunch of photos from a business trip to Chicago and in my haste to keyword them, I typed “Chiacgo” in the IPTC field for City. No big deal at the time — I corrected the misspelling and moved on. But last weekend when I went to another card of photos from the trip, Aperture tried to help me out when I typed “chi” in the City field, and autofilled my mistake. This is like the Aperture equivalent of the Previous Recipients database in incredibly useful unless you’ve made a spelling mistake or (in the case of Mail) the person’s address is no longer valid.

A misspelling in my IPTC information.

I knew there was a way to correct this, but I had a blank moment, and hunted through the menus to try and find the command. After a frustrated trip to the Aperture User Manual PDF, I found what I was looking for under the Metadata menu. Choosing Metadata > Edit AutoFill List… brings down the AutoFill Editor sheet. I was able to find my misspelled city name and remove it, and while I was there, I figured why not add a handful of other useful metadata that I knew might come in handy.

Fixing the mistake in the AutoFill Editor.

The AutoFill list will remember up to 20 entries for each field. I’ll have to remember that during my next trip to Chiacgo.


2007-12-07 14:19:12
Thanks Charlie

Very helpful and well done post.