Flash from MIX: The world has changed

by Jesse Liberty

In 2000 I saw C# and knew at once that (wanted to set aside c++ and write exclusively in, and about, .net.

Today I saw Silverlight (WPF/E) and had a similar feeling.I believe that, in 1-2 years:

There will be few reasons to develop in WPF
There will be few (no?) reasons to develop in Asp .NET-AJAX
JavaScript will be dead


Laura Lemay
2007-04-30 14:57:23
>JavaScript will be dead

1-2 years you say? (making note in my calendar). :) :)

Steve R.
2007-04-30 15:59:34
I would comment, but Microsoft wants me to install their plugin before allowing me to look at their presentation on what Silverlight is (FYI - A link in this review would have saved me a trip to Google). As such, I'll never know what I'm missing. A shame. By the way, if you like C# for web development, you should try Ruby on Rails. They are totally dissimilar, but in a good way.