Flash Player 9 Beta for 32-bit x86 Linux

by Jeremy Jones

I apparently missed the announcement until this morning while listening to a couple of podcasts which mentioned the new beta of Flash 9 for Linux. Apparently, chromatic is less than pleased with the general "Linux" label since this release is only for 32-bit x86 Linux.

Here is a page from Penguin.swf, apparently an Adobe employee involved with the Linux port. There are links in there to the download, install, and FAQ page.

I installed it and tested it on GooTube. One of the issues with Flash 7 for Linux is the audio/video synchronization problem. I first watched the angry cat video to see if this issue has been resolved in Flash 9. It played fine. It looked and sounded like the video and audio were in sync, but with cat videos, you never know. So, I decided to check out an episode of Hope is Emo to see if there was proper synchronization. So far, it looks good.


2006-10-29 11:50:59
I still have the audio synching problem with Flash 7, and I installed and tried the Flash 9 beta. Now I'm getting video stutters and lock ups. :(