FlashMob Supercomputer Event

by Kevin Bedell

An event to be held at the University of San Francisco on April 3rd will bring together hundreds of people to attempt to create a "FlashMob Supercomputer" -- and crack the TOP500 Supercomputer Sites list.

The event, dubbed "FlashMob I", will bring together hundreds of volunteers. All will bring laptops or other machines to contribute to the effort.

Each person will connect to a high-speed data network and boot their machines from a CD-ROM containing a customized version of Linux with everything they need to boot their machine to participate in this historic event. No software will have to be installed on their computer in order to participate.

The event is being coordinated by FlashMob Computing, a group founded by graduate students at USF interested in Supercomputing. Their goal is literally to 'democratize supercomputing' and spread the idea that any group with enough members can literally create a supercomputer to assist in solving problems that require serious computing power.

All participants will receive a t-shirt (of course!), a badge and a certificate of participation. Following the event will be a LAN Party where gamers can hang out and play against each other on a wicked high-speed LAN.

For more info, check out FlashMob Computing.