Flickr Export for Aperture 1.0

by James Duncan Davidson

Today, Connected Flow released FlickrExport for Aperture 1.0. Yay! I've been watching the development of this for a while, and am happy to see it go 1.0 and get out of beta.


FlickrExport's sublime feature is that pulls the Title and Description data from the IPTC Headline and Caption metadata associated with each photo. Other tools, including Flickr itself, have used the IPTC Object field which is just so wrong. Of course it also picks up keywords and pushes those as Flickr tags. By fitting in seamlessly with the Aperture workflow, and translating information properly between Aperture and Flickr, FlickrExport makes tossing a picture or three or ten to Flickr an almost effortless task.

Go Fraser!


2006-12-09 15:46:20
God, I need to get Aperture. And about 3TB of network storage. That oughta do it.
Duane Thompson
2006-12-09 16:22:55
Aperture was one of the best purchases I ever made. Moved over from the PC world to Mac and for photo editing and haven't looked back! I thought apples .mac service already offer this type of intergration into iPhoto and Aperture.
Graham Ballantyne
2006-12-09 16:28:50
I agree with you on all counts - especially saving the export preset.

/me queues up behind JDD for a serial number...

2006-12-09 21:39:18
Fraser did a great job on flickrexport or iPhoto...and his version for Aperture just gets better and better.
2006-12-10 08:41:17
I agree about saving the last used export preset. What I do in the meantime is, in the Edit Presets, move up to the top the preset I'm using most at the time (whether this is flickr upload, or smugmug upload, or fullsize, etc). It means I have to edit the preset order between projects, but it at least saves time while working on that project.
2006-12-10 15:46:54
12TB on a fiber channel connected Xsan network is where its at. :)
James Duncan Davidson
2006-12-10 16:56:03
I'd so love 12TB on a fast Xsan network. I'd also like that to come with automatic backup to S3 or a similar disk farm in the sky.

I'm not kidding, much... :)

Ask Bjørn Hansen
2006-12-11 13:08:28
Another neat feature would be if it could sync tags *from* Flickr back into Aperture...

- ask

Allen Rockwell
2006-12-11 23:00:28

I love this little utility, I blogged about this last month Here

I agree about your point about the default export option. I'd also like to see something in the preferences where you could put in some default text for the "description" and "Tags" field. I always put my copyright info in the "Description" field and I always put some geotagging stuff in the "Tags" field ... if these values were stored in the preferences it would save me lots of time.

That being said, it's a great utility if you are a flickr geek (like me).

2006-12-12 05:49:46
Why would I pay for this rather than use the free version?
Allen Rockwell
2006-12-12 10:43:42

A better question might be "Why wouldn't you support a software developer that writes a program that you find usefull?" Anyone that owns an Apple and uses Aperture CAN'T be that cheap, can they?

Also I think the "free" version is a demo version.

James Duncan Davidson
2006-12-13 13:23:51
Indeed, I agree with Allen's sentiments. The free one is a limited version of the paid one--both written by Fraser at Connected Flow. The paid one has more features than the free, including the ability to replace already uploaded photos. And, there's no better way to get Fraser to keep improving it than by giving him the money he needs to keep developing it.