Flower: an MVC web platform for pure-play XML

by Andy Oram

A modern, well-maintained web site should be valid, well-formed XML. If you want to rely on XML tools (XQuery, XSLT, etc.) for all your documentation and database access, you can now implement web sites with a new MVC framework named Flower. It hasn't reached the 1.0 stage yet, and developer Thomas Lord warns that you'll need help installing and building the system, but once you've got it going you can apply your XML tools to dynamic document creation.


2007-12-25 08:37:14
I downloaded its source. Where are its unit tests?

We have found (that's not the "royal we") that unit tests are indispensable for any development, and especially tricky for all of Flower's power points - a lite language, MVC, the web, and web services.

Anyone using a platform needs it to provide a system to unit test everything they do.