Fonality Releases Trixbox 2.0

by Bruce Stewart

tbox.gifOne thing's for sure, Fonality can't be accused of wasting any time. Not even three weeks after Fonality announced their acquisition of trixbox (formerly Asterisk@Home), comes a major new 2.0 release of the popular Asterisk-based distribution, that includes a powerful new global, web-based GUI package manager, support for Sangoma voice cards, and integration with LumenVox's Speech Engine.

Fonality CEO Chris Lyman told me that while they have had 4-5 engineers working on the new release for the past 4 months, in many ways they have just been building on all of the excellent work done by trixbox founder Andrew Gillis and the trixbox open source community. Lyman was clearly excited about the new trixbox release and spoke passionately about his belief in the benefits of open source, and the value that Fonality sees in supporting a free and open version of Asterisk alongside their commercial Asterisk-based products. Lyman was particularly happy about the progress that has been made in the trixbox 2.0 release towards a much simpler installation and configuration process, and views the new GUI as "a milestone of maturity for this open source movement."

Now that all of the applications in the trixbox suite can be installed from one GUI package manager, Lyman points out that it is very easy for users to run as lean or as heavy systems as they want. If you want to go heavy, besides Asterisk, trixbox comes with Linux, SugarCRM, MySQL, FreePBX, FOP, and HUDlite. Lyman likes to use a variation on the LAMP acronym to describe the trixbox platform - LAAMPS, adding an extra A for Asterisk and S for SugarCRM to the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python label. And Lyman proudly explains that they are reaching the achievement of being able to set up everything in the trixbox ecosystem without ever touching a command line.