Force BBEdit windows to open where you want

by Giles Turnbull

One teeny little thing that bugs me about BBEdit is the way that all new document windows open on the far left of the screen. While BBEdit's preferences do allow a certain amount of control over the window size, there's no built-in way to customize its position.

Off I went a-searching, and some digging around in the BBEdit-Talk mailing list archives unearthed the tip I needed.

Maarten Sneep wrote a script that re-sizes all new BBEdit windows to your chosen size and screen position. I like mine to be almost square and very nearly in the center of the screen, so the crucial co-ordinates line in my version reads as:

 set bounds of text window 1 to {273, 44, 891, 618} 

But as Maarten's tip points out, you can use the Record function in Script Editor while re-sizing a BBEdit window to your taste, then simply use the co-ordinates that show up in the recorded script.


2006-03-20 14:50:19
nice hint. i fumble with window resizing in BBEdit constantly. i modified the script to handle the "New Window" command and to cascade the new window if others are present:

those listening might also be interested in saving your "Workspace" between sessions. here's another script i modified to address the issue:

Paul Mison
2006-03-21 03:13:17
I'm sure you can use the ancient (System 7 era) concept of Stationary to do this too, somehow, but I'm not sure how.

How's that for a vague comment?