Forget iTunes Movies... Check out the iPod games

by Todd Ogasawara

I'm not sure iTunes movies are for me. I can buy DVDs with lots of extras for a few dollars more. Maybe I'll change my mind when iTV (Mac nano media center?) arrives next year. In the meantime, head over to the iPod games area of iTunes Store and check out the first bunch of nine casual games available for video-able iPods. After studying the choices carefully, I chose to spend my hard earned $4.95 to purchase Zuma. After playing with it for a few minutes on my iPod, I know I am in trouble. It is an incredibly addictive game for the casual gamer like me who wants something that can be played in 5 to 20 minute periods. And, I'm pretty sure I'll look at it (play the game) a lot more hours than I would view a $14.95 2 hour movie :-)
iPod Zuma gameZuma game for the iPod video


2006-09-13 04:10:15
A Mac company makes a shareware version of Zuma named Luxor which is quite great (and Egyptian-themed rather than Aztec).