FOSCon and Regional Ruby Conferences

by pat eyler

FOSCon was amazing! Picture 100 Ruby geeks and Ruby geek wannabes gathered in a fairly small industrial building that's been converted into something I heard described as "a frat house for geeks". There were five talks (Lucas Carlson, Topher Cyll, Ryan Davis>, Geoffrey Grossenbach, Jim Weirich, and Amy Hoy) and a great deal of side room discussions. As good as OSCon is, FOSCon is even better, albeit in an anarchic sort of way.

The pdx.rb started FOSCon last year out of a desire to particpate in OSCon without needing to pay the conference fees. They invited a bunch of OSCon speakers and a couple of other folks to come out and present to an underground audience. This year, O'Reilly invited them into the fold, and FOSCon became a track unto itself — an all Ruby all the time track that came with pizza, drinks, and attitude.

So, other than making you jealous why am I writing all of his? Simple. I want you to be able to enjoy the same kind of experience — and you won't have to come to Portland to get it. How's that you say? Again, simple. All you need to do is work with you local Ruby Brigade (and maybe others in the region if you're lucky enough to have them) and plan a regional Ruby Conference (and here and here). Pick a Saturday, find a location, invite a speaker or two from somewhere else, and put out a call for papers in your area. It'll be great. Trust me.


James Britt
2006-07-27 10:53:58
> There were five talks

puts [ 'Lucas Carlson',
'Topher Cyll',
'Ryan Davis',
'Geoffrey Grossenbach',
'Jim Weirich',
'Amy Hoy'].size


Thomas Lockney
2006-07-27 11:03:24
Thanks for coming out Pat. It was great having so many people show up and we were really happy with the turnout. I think next year we'll probably need an even bigger place. Also, I think it would be a good idea for those of us who helped to organize things to put together a bit about how we got things together, what we learned from the experience and what we would do differently next time. I think that follows along closely with some of the ideas we were talking about in OSCamp yesterday.
2006-07-27 22:49:58
Thanks Pat for reminding me to get my butt to FOSCON ... I was so tired due to the minimal amount of sleep I've been getting since the start of OSCON that I almost bagged it.