Found Perl

by brian d foy

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I'm creating "Found Perl", a little, virtual Perl memorabilia museum. I've got a lot of stuff to include, and I bet the community has orders of magnitude more.

I've been looking at Found Magazine since I heard about it on This American Life. They publish pictures things that people find lying about: mostly flat things like scraps of paper. I'd like to do that for Perl.

For instance, I have on display:

  • Highways signs pointing to Perl, Germany (next to Apach, France).
  • The temporary camel tattoo I was giving out at one of the Perl conferences
  • My original receipt for my first copy of Programming perl
  • Mark Jason's card announcing "Perl Advanced Techniques Handbook" (now "Higher Order Perl")
  • and some other things

There is a lot of stuff I'd like to find, and even more stuff I probably don't know about. If you have something, please send me an image or scan at

  • Perl Magnetic Poetry, from The Perl Journal
  • Nat's profane "Perl is my bitch" sticker set (What were the other slogans?)
  • An original blow-in card for The Perl Journal
  • Pictures of other Perl t-shirts, especially the one given out at the first couple of Perl conferences
  • The O'Reilly beret given out at one of the Perl conferences
  • Scans of signatures from various Perl people (I don't have any myself)
  • Tim Bunce's handwriting on a bar napkin saying "Generic database interface: use GDI or something" :)
  • Images of swag (keychains, water bottles, pens) that Perl vendors gave out.
  • Instances of the string "Perl" in everyday life. I remember seeing an image of a European road sign pointing to "Perl". I think it was German, but I can't find it.