Frank Bungee Connect Officially Launches

by M. David Peterson

Congratulations to Alex (Barnett), Ted (Haeger), Lyle (Ball), Brad (Hintze), and *ALL* the folks who brought together the official launch of the Bungee Connect beta yesterday!

Bungee Connect - Beta Opening Day - Alex Barnett blog

Last night the Bungee Labs team invited the first group of developers to Bungee Connect, officially opening up the early access beta program. The initial group of early access customers is small, but we intend to ramp up quickly as we carefully monitor the system for performance and scaling, adding groups of 50 until all registered beta developers get their invites (we currently have around two thousand early access sign-ups ready to get their invites).

What excites me the most about all of this is the fact that Bungee Labs has not only developed the next generation "killer app" web services-focused browser-based client/server dev tool (wow, < that's a mouthful!), but they have pioneered a new and innovative way for web developers like you and me to develop these apps to then deploy them to the masses w/o concern about what to do if that same app becomes the "next big thing" on the Internet. In other words, Bungee Labs via Bungee Connect is doing the same thing for web-based application development and deployment that Amazon has done with S3/EC2 for storing and serving up content.

Like I mentioned before: Things are about to get interesting.

As per the end of the Alex Barnett's same linked post from above,

You can sign up for Bungee Connect early access beta through Bungee Labs site.

Apparently they are pushing things out in "groups of 50 until all registered beta developers get their invites", such that they can properly monitor the stress load on the system, and adapt accordingly. Smart move. Of course, there are already ~2000 developers signed up for the early access beta, so if you haven't already, now might be a good time to take up Alex on his invitation from above. From a personal level, I would *highly* recommend that you do just that. This is *KILLER* stuff!