Free Flash ABC Shows goes Live.

by Erica Sadun

Watch the latest eps of Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias and Commander in Chief here. You need Flash 8.

On the main page, click "Launch". A new brower window opens Ignore the egregious UI-design, and click on any show to rotate it to the front. Click on the show again to launch Play mode. Click the Play button.


If your connection speed is less that 500kbps, you'll get a "Your View Experience May Suck Because You've Got A Crap Internet Connection" message. (aka "Your viewing experience may be less than optimal because your bandwidth appears to be below 500Kbps. Click on the close button to remove this message.) Click on the X to close the message and proceed with playback.

With luck, you'll start to watch. Without luck, you may have to keep clicking around until playback starts. And you'll probably run into a few commercials along the way.

Update: Outside the US? Look here for info about watching from abroad.


2006-05-01 13:00:34
Nice but no subtitles/captions, that's a huge downer I'm afraid.

So much for the Internet, a huge source of information and new technology. I'm surprised that they haven't thought of this :( The US contains more deaf people and they should have such a service!

Matt Barber
2006-05-02 06:00:47
Nice of you to include a link to a Windows Proxy. Isn't this MacDev? Doesn'T matter. Before you install some half-baked shareware, sinply use a translation proxy, like Google or babelfish over at altavista.
Erica Sadun
2006-05-02 07:23:47
Sorry to disappoint you. There's a lot of good information on that link, including in the comments, which should be able to guide readers--Mac or Windows--towards getting some help.