Free iTunes Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

  • US: Dimension by Wolfmother
    Is there more to Wolfmother outside of the lead singer's fabulous Afro and his rare ability to wear a very small vest and actually look cool? Normally, this would be enough, but in the case of this Australian power trio, it's just the beginning of their effortless chic. "Dimension" offers all the blazing riffage of Sabbath and Ozzy-esque vocal phrasing you need but without the pure evil.

  • US: Zambra by Willie & Lobo
    This track from Willie & Lobo's tenth release puts a Middle Eastern spin on their full-bodied, tasteful Latin jazz and funk. Heavy on the violins and flamenco-guitar accents, Willie and Lobo imagine a world where gypsies can still celebrate until dawn. "Zambra" is our free Discovery Download.

  • US: Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick
    How did America begin? Time magazine called Philbrick's award-winning In the Heart of the Sea "spellbinding". In Mayflower, Nathaniel Philbrick casts his spell again, giving us, complete and completely fresh, the ultimate American story. [Spoken]

  • US: The Apprentice Clip Show [2nd week]
    Seventeen are told, "You're fired!" Only one hears business tycoon Donald Trump say, "You're hired." At stake is a career-altering job of a lifetime with the Trump Organization and a hefty six-figure salary.

  • Australia: Don't Walk Alone by Bob Evans
    Bob Evans aka Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah is heading home to Perth to release a new album. Recording happened in Nashville Tennessee last year where Bob teamed up with a former member of alt country heroes Wilco to record twelve new tracks.

  • Canada: Take Some Time by Rose Melberg
    You'll know Rose Melberg from her time with Go Sailor, the Softies and Tiger Trap. She was a major force in indie-pop in the '90's. "Take Some Time" moves beyond incessantly cheery pop to post-youth pursuit of self-repair.

  • UK: Cuckoo by Archie Bronson Outfit
    Swampwater addled Archie Bronson Outfit are a group of misfits who act like blues-soaked rock was the biggeest innovation since microwavable bacon.

  • France: The Servant by Cocosuma
    From "Reindeer show the way".

  • Japan: Trip by Kao
    Googling says: "Neo acoustic/ guitar pop band from Osaka ORANGE CUBE's main vocal KAO's solo no.1. She started playing solo since the band dissolved in 2002 and moved to Tokyo from Osaka. She writes both music and lyrics by herself and released CDRs by indies and had shows constantly. During her activity, she won a prize at a contest held by a radio station and became more notable."

  • Refrederator
    Vintage Cartoon podcast from the same folks who brought us Channel Frederator.

  • Vintage ToonCast
    Cartoons from the 30's, 40's and 50's no longer protected by copyright, many of them marked Explicit as they come from an era before political correctness.

Update: Added Japanese Single of the Week.