Free James Dempsey!

by Oliver Breidenbach

Those of you who attended the WWDC in past years may know that James Dempsey singlehandedly holds up the fun that used to be part of WWDC before it got all business like and serious in 1998.

The past couple of years he wrote cool songs about technology which he performed at some random WWDC session. (There is a post including a recording of his 2003 hit "MVC" over at the ONJava Blog.) I discovered his latest song and cool music video through ADC on iTunes in the recording of Session 300 - Development Tools State of the Union which I have not been able to attend while in SF. If you have the Leopard Early Starter Kit (which means you are either ADC Select or Premier member) check it out!

I think Dempsey's songs should be available for the general audience, they are just so hilarious and it sort of illustrates that making Mac software is this fun thing that even might make you some decent money. Apple should bring Dempsey and his "Breakpoints" into a studio, make a proper recording, have his visuals turned into a nice music video and post it to iTunes free for all ADC members including the free online membership.


2006-10-29 10:03:17
Hey you can't say that! It's breaking your NDA... the thought police will be knocking on your door any day now ;)
2006-10-29 10:04:56
The link in that post to the song is dead. Digging around on the original poster's blog, I think I found it here:

Aaron Tait
2006-10-29 10:27:19
I couldn't agree more. While Ballmer's screaming can be quite entertaining, nothing makes me want to code more for the Mac then Dempsey's songs. I would have to say my favorite song was the one about Core Data back in 2004.
Dempsey fan
2006-10-29 20:29:53
James has a bevy of songs related to technology.

What Oliver didn't mention in his post is that James has been cranking out catchy tunes in front of WWDC audiences in a variety of session tracks since about WWDC 2002 (possibly even '01). Nowadays, the hot underground question once you arrive at WWDC is "What session is James Dempsey appearing at?".

In years past, I was fortunate enough to catch him sing a great song about Objective-C memory management called 'Release Me'. I was also able to catch him sing a heartfelt ballad simply called 'Relatoinships' which covered the ever popular but unsung database modelling tool in WebObjects called EOF (Enterprise Objects Framework).

If you plan to go to WWDC 2007, make a plan to catch James live 'in concert'.


Oliver Breidenbach
2006-11-01 03:49:01
Hey Dempsey Fan,

I think I have cought probably most of the performances since 2002. We should make a fanzine.