Free! LR Adventure Invert & Solarize Curve Tones Presets

by Mikkel Aaland

Last week in San Jose, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I had lunch with Lightroom's father, Mark Hamburg, and three others from the LR engineering team: Kevin Tieskoetter, Donna Powell, and Bill Stotzner. LR marketing manager Jennifer Stern was there as well. Any technical question I had was quickly answered by irrefutable sources.

When I lamented that I couldn't create an invert or solarize- effect tone curve in the Develop module Mark encouraged me to open my laptop then and there, on the lunch table. Within minutes he manually coded in x,y curve coordinates for the effects, and created a LR Develop preset which anyone can use. Watching him make the custom curves made me realize that it wasn't that hard. Shortly I'll show you how to do it yourself.


Fred Shippey
2007-03-08 10:24:59
Why can't I just create a new tone mapping curve in Photoshop, save that curve and then use the saved curve in Lightroom. It would be a LOT simplier!
Carol Parker
2007-03-08 11:42:36
Surely you know about this website - they are specializing in distributing presets to the Lightroom community. Maybe they can help you with the download as well. Or maybe you could put your preset on their site.
Looking forward to your book - I'm a horse lover and loved the icelandic pony that didn't make the cover.
2007-03-08 12:58:39
There's already a solarize preset in the wild - look at John Beardsworth's one at . He did it by drawing a point curve in Adobe Camera Raw 4.
2007-03-12 12:29:45
I have developed a tool that allows for the easy creation of custom tone curve presets without having to get your fingers dirty. Just put in the points that you want and it will generate the .lrtemplate file. This is available at my site.
2007-03-12 13:05:17
David, thanks for passing on your custom tone curve generator! I checked it out and it looks great. I think you should add to your instructions the following: "The input values have to be increasing, otherwise LR will default to its linear curve."
And BTW, I went ahead and posted the LR Adventure Solarize Preset to the site mentioned below. (It's another great site devoted to all things Lightroom. Check it out, if you haven't already.)