Free Mesh Networking with Metrix Pebble

by Bruce Stewart

111-pebble.gif Metrix Pebble is a variant of the popular Pebble Linux distribution that adds a web-based configuration GUI, support for OLSRD and EVDO, automatic generation of network flows, wireless users, and radio link status graphs using rrdtool, and all fits in just under 64MB of flash memory. In this new article, Rob Flickenger describes how to use Metrix Pebble to set up a wireless mesh network.

I had the pleasure of working with Rob at O'Reilly a couple of years ago, and he really knows his stuff. He blew just about everyone away with his Pringles can WiFi antenna (his weblog entry about that project is the most most popular O'Reilly Network weblog post ever with nearly 2 million page views!). Rob is the author of the highly-acclaimed Building Wireless Community Networks and co-author of the second edition of Wireless Hacks. If you're interested in wireless mesh networking, check out what Rob is up to. You'll be glad you did.