Free Online Study Course on VB 2005

by Jesse Liberty

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I have started a free on-line study course on my book-support forum on Delphi (you need to join Delphi, but it is free). [ ]

Please be sure to go to the folder marked "Programming VB05 Course"

Every week or two we'll start on a new chapter, but I'll keep the threads going for older chapters so you can begin at any time.

I will post questions and commentary, but the bulk of the course will consist of interaction between readers and each other and questions and comments for me.

The required text is Programming Visual Basic 2005 which you can buy at a discount through my web site: - click on books. You'll also find source code and related material.

Each time I start a new chapter, I'll put a quick note up on this blog to let you know.

We'll begin immediately with chapter 1: Building Windows -Applications, Design and First Forms

Looking forward to this. Thanks.


Let me know what you think of this idea


2005-10-09 08:54:15
Oops - new folder name
The name of the folder for the course is now "Guided Study Prog. VB 2005."

Sorry for the confusion.