Free (or nearly free) Zope web hosting

by Todd Ogasawara

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The Zope web content management system and the popular Plone add-on do not get as much press as some other Open Source products. I've been very satisified with the results I've gotten from using Zope (or Zope + Plone). My OSCON 2002 presenatation gives you and idea of how we used it to build an Intranet site.

I just read on that Objectis now offers a free Zope/Plone site for non-commercial use. I've maintained a blog on Open Source in Government on Freezope (the first free Zope for non-commercial use service I know of) for about a year now and found it a useful experiment. So, I'll be moving this blog and other personal web content to my new inexpensive commercially hosted Zope site soon (look for to emerge soon :-).

I haven't tried the Objectis free service. But, it certainly sounds like a good deal for someone interested in building a test-drive Zope-based site.

Anyone else Zope-ing or Plone-ing out there?


2003-10-25 09:34:09
Zope-based website experience at freezope
i'm also a local and avid fan of Python and Zope, it's been my development platform for network and web application programming. so far i've very impressed and satisfied with Zope's feature, i have non-commercial sites running at for test and community billboard. and i have no problem with it, it has been easy to maintain and develop.

more power to python and the zope dev team!

-Dennis Michael "Deponz" F. Ponseca
System Administrator
part time triathlete and mountain biker.

2003-11-04 10:36:02
Has gone under?
2003-11-05 12:57:41
Hi, FreeZope is up again, since about 20 minutes ago.


Bas // FreeZope Support

2006-02-25 15:44:21
Hey all I put a server up on the net on W2K running zope. I also have a Mac OS X box with python installed. take a look at If you want some space on either box just let me know. Thanks!!