Free PDF book from MIT Press: Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

by Todd Ogasawara

MIT Press released the book...

Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software (2005) a free PDF. I just took a brief look into it. But, you gotta give credit to an academic oriented book (vs. pop book) that uses phrases like nerdish stereotype (p. 32) :-). There's a section that starts on page 59 titled Comparison between Open Source and Closed Source Programming Incentives that I suspect will become required reading for the staff of Microsoft's Open Source Lab.

I also hope that someone at the Lab takes a look at the document mentioned to on page 66 (An internal Microsoft document on open source (Valloppillil 1998) describes a number of pressures that limit the implementation of features of open source development within Microsoft.) and reflects on this nearly decade old point of view.

BTW, don't assume that this book is some kind of FOSS cheerleader. Take a look at Chapter 4 written by Robert L. Glass who takes FOSS to task.


Bryan Kirschner
2007-03-21 08:43:21
Indeed, this entire book has been part of the required reading for the Port25 team for some time.
jeremiah foster
2007-03-26 23:45:55
Thank Todd, this is a great resource!
om prakash
2008-08-07 02:59:00
best book of o,r