Free Perl Training in London

by Dave Cross

Senior perl programmers seem to be in short supply in London. They may well be in short supply in other places too as far as I know, but it's London-based recruitment agents that are calling me every couple of days asking for help and advice.

A couple of months ago, Simon Cozens had an idea. He suggested running a day or so of free Perl training in London. Other people agreed it was a good idea. Ovid got The Perl Foundation involved. There was a lot of discussion about what exactly should be taught on such a course. Plans were hatched.

But, unfortunately, real life got in the way. Simon was called away to Japan. Ovid got too busy on other things and the project stalled.

Or so it seemed. Actually some people from the BBC picked up the ball and ran with it. And now they have a venue (BBC offices in White City), a date (Saturday 2nd June) and a trainer (me). They've even got sponsorship for some lunch from BBC Backstage. All we need now is some attendees.

So if you're an intermediate Perl programmer in London and you'd like to spend a day working on your Perl skills, then please visit our web page and sign up.

If it's a success then we might arrange other similar events in the future.


2007-05-10 08:52:42
It Would be really good if you have these training sessions in other
parts of the world. Like there are so many guys in INDIA who are really interested to work on perl.
2007-05-10 08:55:18
It will be really great if you provide the
course material you are going to cover on this day.
2007-05-11 10:33:35
The US has many of the same people. It would be great to see the course material. I also applaud your efforts to help those of us not quite "there" yet.
2007-05-13 11:55:38
It's heart-breaking for me. Let me explain why.

I am a mid level Perl hacker. I have a graduation in Computer Engineering. I live in Bangladesh now. I work as a freelancer on freelance websites mostly on Perl projects. I was plannig to come to london for MS plus career afterwards. I got offer letters from City University, QUML, Kingston University. But I didn't manage to get a sponsor needed for visa. So here I am sitting here, applying to telecommute jobs on, grabbing freelance projects here and there.

Perhaps the Perl community in London can think of some campaign that does online evaluations and arranges work permits for some programmers like me. Any body interested? Contact me at sumonsmailbox at gmail dot com.

2007-05-13 11:58:12
About the main problem you mentioned: Why don't you consider arranging skype-casted online classes. We could participate form all over the world.
Ali Wehbe
2007-12-01 06:14:03
Hi, i will be interested by your course.
So please keep me informed when you are planning your next session