Free Stuff Focus: iTunes Music Store

by Erica Sadun

Current highlights include:

  • Top Chef
    The entire first episode from the new Bravo Series. Seems like a snoozer after the excitement of the whole Project Runway/Santino drama it replaces.
  • I Can't Love You Anymore by Gary Nichols
    Country influenced. My daughter Emma gives it 4 stars out of 5.
  • Munich by Editors
    Definately a thumbs down (1 out of 5 stars) from Emma. I thought it was okay, but not something I'm going to listen to much.
  • You bet Your Life
    Shhhh! The secret word is Air. Original Groucho Marx recording.
  • NCAA 2006 Final Four
    Watch the March Madness Preview Show and get ready for the NCAA Tournament.


2006-03-16 08:17:19
It's been a several months since the weekly free song was even worth downloading, in my personal opinion -- even though there were some good ones last year. However, I'll definitely check out Groucho - thanks for the tip!