Free Tuesday (outside the US)

by Erica Sadun


2006-04-04 16:27:03
2006-04-04 17:51:17
I don't think that Canadian track is free. It seems to just be a designated 'Single Of The Week'. Here in Montreal it's priced at 99 cents. But If you can find one that is indeed free for Canada, I'll try to gift you so we can at least find out if that gifting part works internationally.
Erica Sadun
2006-04-04 17:54:51
The main home page for the Canadian store says The Submarines, Free Download, Single of the Week, so I'm pretty sure it's *intended* to be free. The US freebie wasn't working earlier either.
2006-04-04 18:01:16
errr .. well, the promo does say free. But .. it's not designated as free next to the buy button. At the buy button location it's priced at 99 cents. I'm too cheap to test it and learn which is the correct information. heh
Erica Sadun
2006-04-04 18:04:22
From what I've googled, it sometimes takes a day or two for a "free" song to actually get tagged free. Supposedly over the last year or two there was at least one and maybe two songs that never got tagged as free during the entire week they were, um, "free".
2006-04-04 18:27:48
heh. ok. But I do want to know if this international gift exchange is do-able, so ..

err, so nothin', I guess. There is no gifting option on that track, it turns out. Arghhhh. ahahaha. Sorry. You didn't want that particular one anyway. Next time I'll look closer before I open my mouth. lol.