FreeBSD Reviewers Needed

by Dru Lavigne

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Last month, I solicited the various BSD mailing lists for resources which could be used at the Open Source booth at GTEC , the Canadian government IT exhibition. One of the persons who responded was Bruce R. Montague who offered to send me a few copies of his latest book.

I had a chance to read through the book while waiting for a plane in NYC. It is an excellent advocacy tool designed to be given to managers and other non-technical persons. If you're like me, you've probably been asked to explain the whys of using Open Source and probably felt you don't quite give the answer justice. Even if you did, it's nice to have some "clout"--something tangible to give to your superiors proving that you're not the only person out there who believes in Open Source.

As the description promises, this book contains an excellent rationale regarding Open Source licensing and, in particular, the BSD license. All in a slim volume which is readable in one sitting. Even as a technical user, I found the history of what is now known as Open Source a must read which filled in a lot of gaps regarding why things are the way they are.

The book is a work in progress and is being published using a publish on-demand service. Bruce is willing to send a copy to anyone interested in providing either copy-edit or technical feedback. If you're interested in contributing, contact Bruce at the above-mentioned URL.