Freeware/Open Source for Windows Weekly Summary

by Todd Ogasawara

Here's my weekly summary of Freeware, Open Source, and free web services mentioned in my personal blog last week.

SoftPerfect File Recovery
SoftPerfect File Recovery is a freeware Windows utility that does pretty much what its name implies. It can recover deleted files even if they are not in the recycle bin.

It documentation says it supports both FAT-type and NTFS partition types. It is also supposed to be work ok with Windows Vista (I haven't tried it with Vista).

Email Notes to OneNote via Outlook 2007 (Add-in)
Ok, this isn't open source is the true sense. But, the source code is apparently freely available, so I'll categorize as FOSS.

Here's how its developer describes it: This addin adds the capability of sending yourself email with a certain keyword in the subject and having Outlook automatically create a new page in OneNote's Unfiled Notes section when that mail item arrives. Outlook then deletes the email. It also allows power users to set the filter used for incoming mail items to trigger the code. It provides no UI for the user: "it just works."

FlightGear Flight Simulator
Here's a very nice looking (based on the screenshots) Open Source multiplatform flight simulator app...

FlightGear Flight Simulator

Here's a link to the Free Software Magazine's review of it.

Microsoft SysInternals ZoomIt

When Microsoft bought WinInternals (SysInternals), it got one of the more prolific creators of freeware Windows utilities. Here's one that Mark Russinovich updated last month. He describes it as: is [a] screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demons.

Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes launched yesterday (Feb. 8). It caused such a rush that the service went offline for a few hours and is still a bit flaky even a day later. Pipes lets you consume feed data from any site and then use simple logic or combinations of feeds to product a custom result. The programming is created using an easy to use drag and drop graphical interface. The example shown here is my first attempt. It takes the feed from O'Reilly's Inside Port 25 site where Matt Asay and I write blogs related to Microsoft and the Open Source world. It then checks through the feed and pulls out just the blog items I wrote. A simple change could reverse it by just grabbing Matt's blog items.