Freeware/Open Source for Windows Weekly Summary

by Todd Ogasawara

Math-Blog Recommends 3 Open Source Math Programs

Looking for Open Source math apps? Head over to the blog entry titled...

3 awesome free Math programs

Maxima, SciLib, and R (the only one that has been mentioned here) are discussed in some detail.

Foldera: Group Management Web Service

I received an email from Foldera a little while ago apologizing for the delay in activating a beta account. The name, Foldera, sounded familar but I couldn't place it for a few minutes. And, then in struck me... I had signed up around the time of the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference... Um, the 2006 conference!

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Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher

The Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher is a multiplatform Open Source application to stitch photos together into a panoramic scene. There's a note on the Hugin website that notes the Mac OS X universal binary is a bit unstable and that the previous binary release should be downloaded (or compile it from source yourself) Free eBooks in Many Formats

I heard about...

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Google Maps Street View

Google added yet another cool feature to its Google Maps service today:

Google Maps Street View

The VR-like street level photography is only available for a small number of cities (like San Francisco and Sausalito across the bay). You see which streets have street level views by looking for streets outlined in dark blue. I can already tell this will be the reason for numerous mostly unproductive (but entertaining) hours. :-)

YouSendIt Lite: Private File Sharing Via the Web

YouSendIt Lite lets you share files (up to 100MB) privately over the web. It lets you save a large(ish) file on their server. The person you want to get the file to receives an email message with a link showing where to get the file. The recipient has up to 7 days to pick up the file. Ut seems like a reasonable and simple way to get files (Visio, PowerPoint, and other largish files come to mind) that are a bit too big to send as an email attachment.

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