Freeware/Open Source for Windows Weekly Summary

by Todd Ogasawara

Google News Facebook Application
Sat, 20 Oct 2007 22:07:28

Google News Facebook application
Who would have thought a year or two ago that Facebook would become the first contender for the title of the most widely used Web OS (Operating System)? Certainly not me. And, yet, we see app after app developed and released for this social networking Web OS. Here's one that I learned about while reading Read/Write Web...

Google News Facebook application

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CNET: Five must-have security/privacy extensions for Firefox
Thu, 18 Oct 2007 21:30:21

CNET's Chris Soghoian's blog entry titled Five must-have security/privacy extensions for Firefox seems to have a Windows-centric point of view. But, I'm pretty sure the Firefox add-ons recommended apply equally well to a Mac OS X user (or Linux for that matter). Here are the Firefox add-ons he recommends: SafeCache, SafeHistory, Locationbar, NoScript, and CustomizeGoogle.

Using MySQL VIEW and ODBC Connector to let Excel Users Create Custom Reports
Wed, 17 Oct 2007 22:40:12

Although MySQL 5.1 is in Release Candidate stage and apparently nearly ready for release, I'm only now getting around to looking at the new features in MySQL 5.0 which has been around for a while now. As an old MySQL 3 and 4 user, I just never had the need to use the 5 features until now. I was looking at the Open Source dotProject project management software running on a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache web server, MySQL, PHP) and wanted to let end-users easily use data from it to generate custom reports.

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PowerGUI 1.0.11: PowerShell Editor
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 22:29:08


read more Free Windows Security Suite
Mon, 15 Oct 2007 22:25:29 provides both a for-fee and a freeware security suite for Microsoft Windows. The difference between free and for-fee is that the $4.95/month (seems kind of expensive, btw, since other vendors provide a 3-PC license for around $40 or less) includes Diskeeper (which, perhaps, justifies the higher cost for PCLive), web content filtering (eh...), and support.

I found it interesting that the anti-virus component uses the Open Source ClamWin (based on the ClamAV engine) anti-virus product.

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MediaCoder Transcoder for Windows
Sun, 14 Oct 2007 22:05:49

MediaCoder is an Open Source media file transcoder for Windows (and Linux). It can take one format (say MPG) and transform it into another media format (say MP4).

Testing a preset or two resulted in errors. However, using the default (convert to MP4) worked ok and seemed to work pretty quickly on my old AMD Athlon PC.


2007-11-30 00:29:17
Thanks for the post! Lots of useful info. I've been looking at dotProject and testing it a bit. But I think I'll stick to Wrike It's not open source, but it's got very important features I missed in dotProject.