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by M. David Peterson

The Extreme Markup Languages© 2006 Conference is currently in full swing in Montreal, Quebec, and following B Tommie Usdin's traditional opening to this years conference, was none other than my (and I assume yours as well? If not, you might want to reconsider your priorities there, champ, cuz' uh, yeah... you need to. ;) :D) *VERY FAVORITE* hacker of *ALL TIME*, Dimitre Novatchev.

Higher-Order Functional Programming with XSLT 2.0 and FXSL

XSLT has turned out to be very different from the typical programming languages in use today. One question that's being asked frequently is: What kind of programming language is actually XSLT? Until recently, the authoritative answer from some of the best specialists was that XSLT is a declarative (as opposed to imperative), but still not a FP [functional programming], language. Michael Kay notes in his article "What kind of language is XSLT" [Kay]:

This is as far as I've got into the paper, of which I plan now to rectify. But because of the luv' I have for *each* and *every* one of you -- well, most of you anyway ;) -- I decided to share.

You're welcome :D

Thanks Dimitre! I can't wait to start learning... *IN PROCESS* :D

Update: SWEET! Just noticed the link to the PDF version of his presentation. While I could always print the HTML version, by habit I usually don't as it just doesn't read the same way as a well organized, clearly printed format such as that in which a PDF tends to promote. When a PDF (or .doc for that matter, though .doc is not as common when alternative formats are provided) is available, I immediately Ctrl+P as soon as its finished loading, as I prefer printed paper to the glow of an LCD on *ANY DAY* of the week.

Except holidays. I prefer family to *BOTH* of these on holidays. For that matter, I prefer family on non-holidays too, but -- well, maybe I'd just best stick my nose back into the still warm to the touch paper I am now metaphorically devouring.

Again, you're welcome. :D

Yet another Update: Uh, just finished reading this *REALLY GOOD* summary of day one of the conference (I *REALLY* needed to be at this conference, but I also *REALLY* need to finish some projects that now have specific deadlines attached to them as well, so unfortunately thats what I am presently in process of), written by David J. Birnbaum, when I came across the following comment from Ann Wrightson,


2006-08-10 02:57:23
Template references. I may never use them, but that is beautiful!!

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