Fresh Open Source Reviews: OpenRatings, Rampart, gnuPOD & Fink!

by Steve Mallett

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Do you have an iPOD, but not a Mac? A cruddy Prof.? OS X, but crave your unix tools? These folks obviously do...

OpenRatings >> All Plats: Dynamic Content

"Want to start a revolution at your educational institution? OpenRatings is a PHP/MySQL website app for rating Professors/teachers and critiquing in the form of a comment section for each prof. Institutions could use this aswell if they wanted to get honest, unfiltered feedback about their staff. And if they wanted to get on the cluetrain..."

Rampart >> All Plats: Website Management

"Before you roll your own PHP authentication system, benefit from the work invested into Rampart and shorten your development cycle."

gnuPOD >> Linux: Multimedia: Sound

Software is really cool when you seek a reason to use it!

Fink >> Mac OS X: Software Dist: Packaging

"...a port of the Debian tools, including apt. It currently has 1452 packages at various levels of stability, including many of the major applications required for development. It works very, very well."

And,'s current "Meta Cool" app is definately OpenRatings.