Friday Freebies: Amazon Freebies

by Erica Sadun

Until yesterday, I was completely unaware that Amazon even offered free MP3 downloads. I have no idea how often these change or how often they update their site. This is a first and very experimental post. Let me know whether the links work for you or not.

"Today is the Day" by Apollo Sunshine
Eyes by by Apollo Sunshine
Apollo Sunshine's new CD, Apollo Sunshine is likely unlike anything else you're listening to right now. While the record fuses together familiar sounds, it's a genre-crossing earful that sounds all-new. Try one track exclusively on, then grab another.

"Why Bother It All" from Koufax's Hard Times Are in Fashion
"Shame and Scandal" from Madness's The Dangermen Sessions, Vol. 1
'80s favorite Madness is back with a funky bunch of cool covers on The Dangermen Sessions, Vol. 1 and indie rockers Koufax hit their stride with Hard Times Are in Fashion. Download [a] free track from each new release.

"Plasti-Queens" from Shrinking Violets
"Before Kings" from Geoff Byrd's Shrinking Violets
Great pop songs with catchy hooks that invite you to sing along? Check. Melodies and a great voice? Check. If you're a fan of Gavin DeGraw or Rob Thomas types, but still love classic pop songs, check out Geoff Byrd's music. Trust us: You can say you heard him first after he becomes a well-known star. Download two free tracks from Geoff's CD, Shrinking Violets.


Richard Morris
2006-12-08 06:31:21
They've done it for years. Mainly 'vanity' publishing. Don't update very often with new release stuff in the areas I'm interested in.
2006-12-09 02:29:28
Downloaded the Madness track, and it works fine in iTunes. Yet more freebies for us Aussies; thanks Erica !
2006-12-09 04:56:53
Aha! I found this several years back and at that time there was an enormous amount that you could browse and download. It looked as if there were thousands - if not tens of thousands of tracks. Sometimes 30 second samples and sometimes whole tracks.
I revisited the bookmark a couple of months back and I seem to recall that the page was missing-in-action.
Now it's back but, as far as I can see, you have the choice of the six tracks you've listed and nothing more. Am I missing an obscure link on the page to get deeper into the great catalogue of music they used to have?