Friday Fun: Assorted Things

by Erica Sadun

iPod Flashmob at UK Train Station Hundreds gathered to dance in silence proving once and for all that iPods really are social devices.

One commuter said: "It was entertaining if strange to see all these people gyrating to their own beat. It was the Soul Train arriving at platform one."

Kid-Friendly iPod Case Announced The nice wide handles make it far easier for your 2-year-old to violently throw your $300 iPod to the ground.

Apple Employee risks job, soul, to blog. So far all he does is insist that he's for real. It's kind of like a less interesting Burger King's Subservient Chicken, but with a tie and a nondisclosure agreement.

iPod nano RED fights AIDs Each nano sold provides $10 to the Global Fund. Also consider donating to less well-known "orphan disease" funds.

And yet another video that tickled my fancy: