Friday links

by Giles Turnbull

Hacking Yojimbo bookmarklets so that new items are added with flags. A nice tip from Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings.

There's some juicy newness from NeoOffice for the downloading.

Mori, formerly Hog Bay Notebook, has been updated to version 1.2. New stuff includes new prefs, new keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to create a new child note by dragging text or a file on to an existing note.

Cocoa Booklet turns PDFs into booklet foldables.

Kip looks very interesting. Think of it as iPhoto for your PDFs - it helps you store, tag, search and view PDFs. Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of PDF-related apps for OS X, no doubt largely due to PDF creation and viewing being built into the OS. iPapers is another PDF manager, but one aimed at academics keeping track of research papers. It also has an iPhoto-ish design; note the Source list on the left, and the browse panel at the top.


2007-05-31 21:31:12
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