Friday links

by Giles Turnbull

Brian and Richard, creators of the admirable FreeMacWare site, are handing it over to new owners. They’ve done a great job of highlighting decent Mac freeware, let’s hope the new team keep up the good work.

Script Software has released version 5.3.3 of cross-platform data analysis tool KnowledgeMiner.

Declutter your desktop; a simple desk-hack to help hide those pesky wires.

Tim Gaden’s on the top of all things email-related, as usual, and reveals that the latest WebKit builds improve your use of Gmail (and other webapps) in Safari.

“Steve Jobs solved my MacBook woes” - or words to that effect. Scrivener creator Keith Blount describes his awful experience with a first-generation MacBook and subsequent purchase of a MacBook Pro. In the post, he says:

After the discolouration issue finally got resolved (mainly because I wrote an angry ranting e-mail to and had Corporate Relations sort it out for me), the notorious random shutdown issue raised its ugly head, necessitating a repair.

Fumo, the smokin’ Quicksilver interface. Personally, I’d prefer to stick with something a little less animated.

The makers of MacJournal have been busy; there’s now a Windows version called, um, WinJournal.


2007-04-27 23:19:50
As for Fumo - there was no animation or smoke plans when I've created first mockup :)