Friday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

Ghost Action, a new Getting Things Done app that synchronizes with iCal.

ThisService turns any script (shell or Apple-) into a proper Service menu item. Nice.

Computerworld has a good review of the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro machines. Turns out their review model ran significantly cooler than a comparable Core Duo computer. The ventilation slots on the newer machine have been redesigned: “Instead of a row of tiny vertical slots, the new laptops have six horizontal openings, each about an inch wide that allow more air in.”

While we’re on the subject, Steven Frank’s written his own mini-review, and says: ”If you’re like me, you try compiling something, and here this machine shines. Doing development on the single core G4 was always a bit slow, especially once I got used to my multi-core PowerMacs at work. But I can see getting a lot done on this MBP.”

OmniWeb is only $9.95 during November! (Version 5.5.1 has just been released, too; mostly bug fixes.)

Gleam is a Flickr uploading app with all the latest UI shinies.