Friday Napster Freebies

by Erica Sadun

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Napster Freebies. These un-DRMed MP3 files are free for a limited time and can be downloaded from just about any country. Enjoy!

"The Chase" by Original Recipe
Their formula is simple: Go to the record shop and purchase the most ridiculous records you can find from the $1 bin, go back to the "studio," drink a little too much, and sample them. Here's a fine example of this drunken technique from their debut Noisette.

"Beesting" by Buildings Breeding
What started off as an experiment and a farce on MySpace became the "local indie-pop supergroup" of Davis, CA, due to their well-written tunes and subtle musical accents. Today's download is from their self-titled debut.

"Assisted Living" by Clair De Lune
Known for their contrast of beautiful songwriting and furious energy, this quintet from Minneapolis has just released Assisted Living, an album that has been described as "full of beautiful cacophony and sentimental anger."

"Song of Yesterday" by Alexa Ray Joel
Being the daughter of a pop-star dad and supermodel mom can't be easy. However, blessed with the gift of perfect pitch and encouragement from parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, she's following her dreams. Today's download is an original tune from her Sketches EP.

"Leaving the Nest" by Benjy Ferree
After a failed attempt at an acting career in Hollywood, this Washington, D.C. bartender was accosted by Fugazi's Brendan Canty, who convinced him to pursue music and later produced the EP Leaving the Nest.

"Katie Cruel" by Karen Dalton
The late folk-blues songstress was a favorite of Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, and others. Dylan said she "had a voice like Billie Holiday and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed." This track is from her only fully realized studio album, In My Own Time, finished in 1971.

"Nothing" by Sounds Like Violence
Phrases like "mind blowing" and "positively magnificent" have been used to describe the long-awaited debut by these hard-rocking Swedes. Hear for yourself with this track from With Blood on My Hands.