Friday Napster Freebies

by Erica Sadun

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Napster Freebies. These un-DRMed MP3 files are free for a limited time and can be downloaded from just about any country. Enjoy! Be aware, however, that the Napster site is pretty slow and unresponsive today, so if you're having any problems with downloads, you might want to try again later.

"The House Under the Hill" by The Finches
This San Francisco-based duo writes and performs songs about fantasy architecture, filial love, and travel anxiety, all with a tip of the hat to Leonard Cohen and Francois Hardy. This song is from their debut full-length album, Human Like a House.

"My God, It's Full of Stars" by Aerial
These Swedish rockers rock. In one year, Aerial toured Europe and made their sophomore album The Sentinel--a collection of focused tracks packed with the great guitar work for which the band is known.

"Be My Valentine" by Dr. Elmo
Nothing says "romance" on Valentine's Day like Dr. Elmo. This veterinarian's comedy carol, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," has sold over 10 million copies. Today's download is another tongue-in-cheek ditty dedicated to the day of love.

"A Friend of Mine" by Piebald
Already veterans of Boston's indie scene, these high-school comrades have seven albums to their credit and have headlined shows with My Chemical Romance. Today's download is from their latest album, Accidental Gentlemen.

"Steady as She Goes" by James Yorkston
Hailing from a small village in Scotland, this former punk rocker turned acoustic singer-songwriter first gained recognition with Radio One god John Peel. His latest album, The Year of the Leopard, has finally been released in the U.S.

"The Great Compromise" by Kingsbury
After releasing two EPs, Orlando, FL's very own complete their full-length debut despite losing two of the original members. While most groups would have lost their focus, Kingsbury has never been better. Today's download comes from The Great Compromise.

"Lest I Fall" by Man of Sorrows
Pushing the boundaries of hardcore metal, these lads from San Antonio, TX mix in Latin percussion with their crunchy guitars and low-end driving drums. Your typical metal? Probably not. Consider this the new sound of Christian metal.